Carbon Services

About Adsorbent Solutions

Adsorbent Solutions, LLC was formed in 2006.  We have obtained all environmental permits including LA DEQ Air Permit, Beneficial Use Permit, SWPPP, Sludge Exemption, and Benzene Neshap Certification for accepting BWON spent carbon under 40 CFR 61 Subpart FF and XX.

In 2009 Adsorbent Solutions began operating its carbon reactivation facility in St. Gabriel, LA and also servicing carbon in vessels, drums, and vapor boxes from warehouses in St. Gabriel, LA and Katy, TX.  The St. Gabriel, LA carbon reactivation facility is the first Gulf Coast carbon reactivation facility ever established.  We perform exchanges of any of our carbon adsorption units by picking up the spent unit and replacing it with a fresh one.

Our patented process reactivates the carbon at much lower temperatures and reduces the carbon footprint by a factor of 1/6 compared to a virgin carbon facility and a factor of ½ compared to our competitors carbon reactivation facilities.  Our onsite lab performs QA/QC testing on every 10,000 Lbs. we produce which is the most stringent in the industry.

Our Resorb VP and Resorb LP reactivated carbons achieve high levels of adsorption capacity.  Every batch produced is tested.  See the Products page for actual specification sheets.  Adsorbent Solutions, LLC facility is a batch process meaning we produce 3,000 Lb. batches of reactivated carbon in liquid phase and vapor phase.  Custom reactivation is available at any customer’s request.

With our Gulf Coast Reactivation Facility, 3,000 Lb. Batches, vessel and drum exchanges available in Texas and Louisiana, Adsorbent Solutions can save freight costs, carbon footprint, landfill expenses for all customers or potential customers operating anywhere on the Gulf Coast.  Please let Adsorbent Solutions show you more about our capabilities.

Our Customers:
  • Refineries and Petrochemical
  • Offshore Exploration & Production
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers, Distributors, Industrial Contractors
  • Other Manufacturing Facilities