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Adsorbent Solutions, LLC has reactivated carbon that will do an exceptional job of removing wastewater treatment plant odors. Odor removal is important for wastewater treatment plants in many applications
Our plant has reduced down time, increased production and we can now offer over 2 Million Lbs. of reactivated carbon to the market.
Adsorbent Solutions has tank degassing chemicals that have been successfully used to take asphaltenes and make them into a pumpable solution.
Caustic solutions can remove acids from vapor phase streams. Adsorbent Solutions has caustic scrubbers made to withstand the PH and corrosive environment and caustic solutions to provide 99% removal efficiency of acids and H2S in vapor phase streams of all kinds.
Adsorbent Solutions, LLC is planning a new rotary retort furnace to go into the construction phase in 2015 and be completed late 2015 or early 2016
Solutions include reactivated carbon, carbon vessels, vapor boxes, and carbon drums.