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Adsorbent Solutions Has Debottlenecked The Gulf Coast Carbon Reactivation Facility

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Adsorbent Solutions, LLC has debottlenecked the gulf coast carbon reactivation facility once again! We now have close to 5 Million Lbs. of capacity for reactivation at the present time. Improvements to our process have been coming in on a regular basis in 2015. Our plant has reduced down time, increased production and we can now offer over 2 Million Lbs. of reactivated carbon to the market. See our spent carbon profile form to get started sending us your spent carbon for reactivation. We can arrange pick up of spent carbon from your location as a convenience and to save transportation expenses.  

Help Adsorbent Solutions work together with you to reduce carbon in landfills in the Gulf Coast, Southeast, and East Coast. We have the capacity to reactivate non hazardous and characteristic hazardous spent carbon from your location in the Southern US or East Coast.