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Odor Control Carbon for Wastewater Treatment

Sunday, June 7, 2015
Adsorbent Solutions, LLC has reactivated carbon that will do an exceptional job of removing wastewater treatment plant odors.  Odor removal is important for wastewater treatment plants in many applications.  Reactivated carbon does have capacity for malodor compounds.  Impregnated carbons can also be used but the expense is much greater and they cannot be reactivated.  Adsorbent Solutions reactivated carbon will adsorb these malodor compounds and we can perform onsite carbon change outs anywhere in the Southern US.  Adsorbent Solutions can bid competitively at Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants and perform the onsite change out.  If the spent carbon is not an impregnated carbon, the spent can be approved for reactivation at our gulf coast carbon reactivation facility.  It is located in St. Gabriel, LA.  Reactivation of odor control carbon can be an inexpensive alternative to impregnated carbons.  Also, some impregnated carbon use strong base compounds for acid base chemistry to adsorb odor compounds like H2S and Mercaptan.  Using these strong base impregnants can lead to safety hazards.  The strong base used is Sodium Hydroxide or Potassium Hydroxide.  These impregnants cannot be regenerated safely.  However, unimpregnated carbon can be reactivated and kept out of a landfill.  Call Adsorbent Solutions for a quote on an onsite change out of odor control carbon for wastewater treatment.