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CocoAbsorb is a 100% natural, coconut coir product with no additives, used for the absorption of many products including hydrocarbons, water – based products, and other products that may be expensive to remove or absorb.  CocoAbsorb has been approved to be disposed of in landfills in California, and Florida, for most commonly absorbed products.  It has been scientifically proven that the products absorbed by the CocoAbsorb product will not leach, or leak out.   CocoAbsorb is not a de-hydrated product, and does not contain any silica or harmful dust as do most of the absorbent products used today.

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As an overview:
  • 100% organic material
  • By – product of the coconut
  • Absorbs approximately 30 gallons of oil per 55 lb. bag
  • Absorbs almost immediately
  • Can be reused until completely saturated (you will know this by the color change)
  • Used correctly, 100% of CocoAbsorb will be used and not wasted
  • Proper use training is included in the price of the product
  • Saves time cleaning spills due to immediate absorption abilities
  • Can absorb water – based products
  • Cannot leach, or leak out once it is fully absorbed into product
  • Non-Abrasive
  • Lightweight
  • Natural inert product
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Biodegradable 
Products that can be absorbed:
  • Unleaded fuel
  • Oil, new and used
  • Antifreeze
  • Paint
  • Glues
  • Pesticides – herbicides
  • Liquid asphalt
  • Polymers, either positive or negative
  • Solvents
  • Battery Acid (neutralizes due to PH level)
CocoAbsorb can be used by:
  • Municipalities, Public Works, Storm Water, Fleet Services, Parks, Environmental – Spill teams and Building Maintenance departments
  • Service Providers
  • Manufacturers
  • Tow Companies
  • Marinas
  • Scrap Haulers
  • Metal Recyclers
  • Building Maintenance Providers, parking lots, storm drains, leaky hydraulics
  • Fueling Station
  • Car Dealerships
  • Auto Body Shops
  • Emergency Response, Police & Fire Departments 
  • Safety Equipment Services
  • Diesel Services
  • Transmission Shops
  • Tire Service Centers
  • Farming & Agriculture Facilities
  • Fuel & Lubricant Distributors
  • Military/Government Services
  • Schools
  • Drilling Companies
  • Transportation Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Equipment Rental Companies
  • Waste Haulers
  • Restaurants (food oil removal)
  • Refineries
  • Environmental Clean up Service Companies
  • Transportation Companies, train, bus, airport
  • The EPA or any state Environmental Agencies can endorse any products, but CocoAbsorb has been tested in CA utilizing:
  • Exova Laboratories in Sante Fe Springs, CA :
  • Test #1 is the TCLP. It is the RCRA Metals in TCLP leachate solution by the EPA 6020CocoAbsorb Exceeds TCLP Limits. (PASSED)
  • Test #2 is the CCR Metals SOP 7040 (Total Metals Concentration)
  • CocoAbsorb also Exceeded TTLC Limits (PASSED)
  •  And the Aquatic Testing Laboratories, Ventura CA
  • Test #3 required by California was the 96 hour CCR title 22 Fathead Minnow Hazardous Waste Screen Bioassay. The Sample used was one pound of CocoAbsorb saturated with one quart of 15W40 Used Oil. The results were 0 dead fish over a 96 hour period (PASSED)
How it works:
  • Coconut Coir, aka “coir fibre pith” is a by-product left after the coconut husks are processed for their long fibres, and edible contents
  • Coir is a natural renewable resource
  • Coir is free from any chemicals & toxins, or harmful micro-organisms
  • Coir is composed of millions of capillary micro-sponges
  • Coir has large surface area created by hollow channel structure
  • Demonstrates a preference for hydrocarbons over water (absorbing it faster)