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In 2009, Adsorbent Solutions opened a state-of-the-art thermal regeneration facility in St. Gabriel, LA. The new, modern facility utilizes proprietary, patented technology to recycle non-hazardous liquid and vapor phase spent carbon into high quality ReSorb brand products. The St. Gabriel plant is the ONLY spent carbon regeneration facility in the US gulf coast – giving our customers a substantial cost and logistics advantage. In addition, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality cited Adsorbent Solutions with a unique "Beneficial Use" permit prior to the start up of the plant operation.

Advanced Quality Control
Adsorbent Solutions St. Gabriel has all the requirements to provide the highest quality regenerated carbon product available. Our advanced and highly sophisticated laboratory is located on-site to provide all necessary testing to ensure the exceptional quality our customers demand.
The entire state-of-the-art process is computer controlled and monitored, ensuring that the facilities meet or exceed federal and state regulatory requirements for air and water discharges. A "Certificate of Reactivation" can be issued for each shipment of recycled carbon. This certifies that the spent carbon has been recycled in a manner that meets or exceeds all applicable RCRA and Benzene NESHAP and Subpart CC regulations.
Custom Reactivation
The Adsorbent Solutions regeneration facility is designed to provide either pooled or custom services. Unlike most other reactivation facilities, Adsorbent Solutions can provide truly segregated regeneration in lots as small as 3000 pounds. With Adsorbent Solutions' custom regeneration plan, you can be confident that your spent and regenerated carbon will remain isolated throughout the entire regeneration process. Most other facilities only “estimate” the segregation of the carbon.
Packaging Information
At Adsorbent Solutions, we take packaging very seriously. It is important for our customers that the activated carbon is packed in durable bags that look good.
It's a simple strategy, we provide the best packaging in the industry. So that you can rest assured that your delivery will be neat and clean with no dusty, broken, or leaky bags. Just clean and easy-to-handle
packing that you can rely on.