Carbon Services

Adsorbent Solution Services

Adsorbent Solutions, LLC has the ONLY carbon reactivation facility on the Gulf Coast which saves our customers substantial transportation costs and minimizes waste.  Over 100 Million lbs. per year of spent carbon is landfilled on the Gulf Coast.  Adsorbent Solutions, LLC can be your source for free spent carbon take back thereby saving tip fees.  We have also been approved by the LA DNR to recieve E&P Waste from the Gulf of Mexico Oil Industry which will remove substantial amounts of carbon away from landfills.  

We can receive spent carbon in super sacks, rolloff boxes, drums, and all sizes of portable carbon vessels.  We have vacuum units in Houston, TX and St. Gabriel, LA that can remove spent carbon from the vessel, rolloff box, or drum.  We maintain a LA DEQ Sludge Exemption and are Benzene Neshap Certified to handle Benzene Neshaps.  Adsorbent Solutions works hard to comply with all regulations and minimize all liability from our customers.
Carbon Vessels
We offer vessels from 250 Lbs. to 20,000 Lbs. for rent or sale from Houston, TX and St. Gabriel, LA. These vessels are offered in both vapor phase and liquid phase. (V2 Series) (L4 Series)  Vessel exchanges include fresh carbon vessel delivery, spent carbon vessel pick up and reactivation of the spent carbon. 
Carbon Drums
Our drums come in 200 lb. and 400 lb. sizes for both liquid phase and vapor phase.  Drum exchanges work the same way as vessel exchanges with fresh carbon drum delivery, spent carbon drum pick up and reactivation of the spent carbon included.
Certificate of Reactivation
Adsorbent Solutions provides customers with a certificate of reactivation after spent carbon sent from a customer has been reactivated, thereby indemnifying the generator of the spent Carbon from further liability.  It is at that point that ownership of the spent carbon transfers to Adsorbent Solutions, LLC.